Your place or mine?

I’m based in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. I’m happy to come to your studio if that suits the job better. I love travelling. And I love those mini candy bars they have at recording studios. If only they would buy more Snickers, they always seem to be the first to go…

A studio to call my own

After years of waiting patiently (or not) while my neighbors drilled into their walls, sanded their woodwork, added another wash to the machine or played that boogie woogie on their piano one more time (practice makes perfect!), I finally had a double-walled, double glazed, vocal booth with a very heavy door built (by Houk van Lier). Now I can record professional audio day or night, whenever I need to. Life is sweet.

Clients can call in, or brief me. I always do a number of takes. And retakes are not an issue – as long as they’re based on delivery or approach.

Custom demo, audition or guide track

Need a guide for your edit? A custom demo or audition for your client? No problem. Free of charge.

Copy editing

Writing copy for an international audience is harder than you think if English isn’t your first language. I can help. I have years of experience writing my own copy, and recording other people’s. Why not let me have a look at your script and suggest rewrites? I’ll charge you for it, but I’m reasonable.