This could have been me: Amanuel’s story

Project Description

This is the story of Amanuel’s trip from Eritrea to the Netherlands. It’s a miracle he’s still alive. This film was made for a project called This Could Have Been Me (, in which filmmakers based in the Netherlands try to give refugees a face in a time when they’ve been reduced to a statistic.

This film was made thanks to the very kind contribution of the following people:

Marco Nauta: camera
Mikko Kolehmainen: sound
Lidia Ogbamichael: interpretor
Jaap Wajer: sound design
Audio Network: music
Steve Dee: color correction
Studio Westerpark: studio & lighting

Special thanks to
Marc-Marie Huijbregts
Eline Heeremans
Audio Network
Tessa van den Beukel
Leon Valero
Kangaroo Vindaloo
Anna Luten
UN Commission of Inquiry
on Human Rights in Eritrea


Project Details

Tags: Films

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