My film work lately has centered on business to business and internal communication. I approach these films the same way I would approach documentary television: straightforward, well-filmed and character-driven. I work with good crews and editors because I think it shows. At the moment I’m interested in projects that are socially responsible and truly innovative – not afraid of making profit, but wanting to contribute to a better society in the process. I’m open to collaboration, suggestion, you name it.

The older I get, the more voice work I do. An unexpected perk, like an upgrade at the gate. I’m the voice of the friendly, wise but authoritative man: trust me; I know what I’m talking about. Lately I’ve done voice-overs for companies the likes of Sage, Phillips, ING, Mammoet, Adidas and Nissan, as well as case films for Ogilvy and TBWA – and a few documentaries for television and radio.

At one point I hoped to be a famous actor. Never happened. But I still enjoy it and see it as a nice addition to my day job. As an American sometimes-actor in Holland, you usually play… the American. I’ve appeared as Bobby Kennedy, a Lookheed official, the Undersecretary of State during World War II, Bill Clinton and, most recently, as Frank Sinatra in the story of Freddy Heineken. Life’s good.




I am an American who has been living in Holland for about 30 years. I mainly direct and produce for television and film (documentary, factual, corporate). I also write, do voice-overs, and present and act from time to time. In the past I’ve helped run a theatre company, written reviews, worked as a translator and subtitler, and as a cook and dishwasher.


I was born in Ghana, West Africa. Both my parents were from New York. When I was seven we went back to the States, where I lived in St. Louis, New York City, Philadelphia and Richmond, Indiana. I moved to Amsterdam when I was twenty, and eight years ago I moved to Haarlem.



michael(at)michaelkrass.com +31 628270094

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